Monday, August 22, 2005

Improving schools give big boost to house prices

Hometrack has analysed property price changes in the catchment areas of the ten most improved state schools in England since 2001, revealing that top grades at your local comprehensive can double the rate of increase of the value of your property if it’s within the catchment area.

In total the average property prices in the ten catchment areas has soared by 76% since 2001, in stark contrast property prices have only increased by 39% in the immediate surrounding areas. However in some areas, property prices have soared by a staggering rate in excess of 120%, such as the area in close proximity to Waverley School in Small Heath, Birmingham.

Hometrack 19 July 2005

Just shows that being near an improving school makes a really big difference to the capital growth you get. This really should be a factor the buy to let investor takes account of.



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