Monday, September 26, 2005

'House prices to double by 2025' - a positive view for property investors

23rd Sep 2005, a Friday

Property prices are set to double over the next 20 years, according to new research from Mint. The internet bank suggests the price of an average property will rise to over £330,000 by 2025 following a rise in solo living and second home ownership.

Mint examined the trends likely to influence spending in the UK over the next 20 years, and their effect on spending patterns. It predicts that the price of the average house will increase from £163,334 in 2005 to £335,674 in 2025, with many people expected to seek to buy a second home. The report also suggests that the growth in single person households will continue over the next two decades fuelling more demand for affordable properties.

According to the report, single occupancy will increase from 30% today to 35% in 2021. And it says that disposable housing - flat pack homes, module housing and pre-fabricated properties - will be the main beneficiary of this trend."

Long term property investors can be assured property prices will rise... but when and how much... who knows.

Chris Bell



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