Friday, November 11, 2005

Save 10% on house prices

"Savvy buyers can save as much as ten per cent on the asking price of a house, according to new figures.

Home buying service The County Homesearch Company reveals that its agents, acting on behalf of buyers, have been receiving this level of discount on properties across the country.

'There has been a significant change in pattern from the start of the year. House prices across the country are showing near zero growth and our home searchers are generally being able to negotiate discounts from the asking price,' said County Homesearch managing director Jonathan Haward.

But with the stagnant market and discounts available, buyers are becoming overly confident.

Buyers have become pickier when it comes to the homes available to them, and while the market has shifted in their favour, complacency means over-ambitious buyers are still losing out when it comes to securing their dream home.

'There is still a shortage of good homes for sale as sellers have sat tight and as a result our clients have become more choosy and think they have the luxury of more time to make a decision,' Mr Haward explained."

For the property investor a 10% discount should be a starting point. If you look at enough deals on investment properties and make enough low offers you will find a few will be accepted if you only deal with house owners who are desperate to sell.

How to find desperate sellers

Chris Bell



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